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  • 大学英语6级听力20天20分阶段--1-5天

    Sorry,there is not text temporarily, Please help tingroom to look for it! 如果您能找到更好的听力原文,请发贴到 听力原文收集区 ,您将会获得 10 到 30 积分的奖励 ! Thank you !...

  • 大学英语6级听力20天20分阶段--6-10天

    [00:00.00]大学英语6级 听力20天20分 中国对外翻译出版公司 [00:08.81]第 6 天 [00:11.15]1.Jim, I want to ask you a big favor, [00:16.37]I was wondering if I could use your motor tomorrow morning. [00:19.04]I'll go to my cousin's wedd...

  • 大学英语6级听力20天20分阶段--11-16天

    [00:00.00]大学英语6级 听力20天20分 中国对外翻译出版公司 [00:11.18]第 11 天 [00:13.43]Passage One [00:15.01]Reading newspapers, listening to the radio or watching television [00:19.10]are three methods of communication that bring...

  • 大学英语6级听力20天20分阶段--17-19天

    [00:00.00]大学英语6级 听力20天20分 中国对外翻译出版公司 [00:08.98]第 17 天 [00:11.39]Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times. [00:17.47]During the first reading , [00:19.37]you should listen carefully for...

  • 大学英语6级听力20天20分阶段--19-20天

    [00:00.00]大学英语6级 听力20天20分 中国对外翻译出版公司 [00:00.88]第 19 天 [00:01.88]Passage Two [00:05.44]Money is a blessing when it is used rightly. [00:08.02]The same is true of all other good things. [00:11.68]They bless if...

  • 大学英语6级听力20天20分阶段--TEST

    [00:00.00]大学英语6级 听力20天20分 中国对外翻译出版公司 [00:01.28]第 20 天 [00:02.54]Passage Two [00:04.53]According to a new study done at the Medical School of the University [00:08.36]of California at Los Angeles, left-handed...

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