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  • 小学英语300句lesson1添加文本 1: I am Andy. 2: Hello! 3: Good morning. 4: This is Kay. 5: This is Miss Dizzy. Your English teacher. 6: How do you do. 7: Hi! 8: Good bye! 9: So long. 10:Bye-bye! A: Hello! I am Andy. Hello! I am Mr. Write. I am Bobby. I am Kay. B: Good morning Mr.
  • 小学英语300句lesson2 Eleven: Is this your football? Twelve: Yes it is. Thirteen: Thank you. fourteen: May I use it? fifteen: Please! sixteen: Sure! seventeen: No! it isn't. eighteen: It is my hat. nineteen: Here you are. twenty: Thank you very much. a: Robbie, is this yo
  • 小学英语300句lesson3 Twenty one: What's this? Twenty two: It's a cake. Twenty three: What's that? Twenty four: It's an orange. Twenty five: Are you hungry? Twenty six: Oh! nice. Twenty seven: May I have some? Twenty eight: Excuse me! Twenty nine: Is that your apple? Thir
  • 小学英语300句lesson4 Thirty one: I'm hungry. Thirty two: Give me some bread. Thirty three: Sit down. Thirty four: Try on that new shirt. Thirty five: Pass me the ball. Thirty six: All right. Thirty seven: I'm cold. Thirty eight: Look! Thirty nine: Show me your hat. forty
  • 小学英语300句lesson5 Forty one: Show me your new bottle. Forty two: It's green. Forty three: Beautiful! Forty four: What color is it? Forty five: It's black and white. Forty six: What color is your hat? Forty seven: My ruler is yellow. Forty eight: My ruler is yellow too
  • 小学英语300句lesson6 Fifty one: What's your name? Fifty two: My name is Edda. Fifty three: His name is White. Fifty four: What's your english teacher's name? Fifty five: Her name is Mrs Dazzy. Fifty six: That's my mother. Fifty seven: His name is Bobbie too. Fifty eight:
  • 小学英语300句lesson7 Sixty one: I'm in grade one. Sixty two: Are you in grade one? Sixty three: Yes, I am. Sixty four: No, I'm not. Sixty five: I'm not in grade two. Sixty six: He is fat. Sixty seven: Am I fat? Sixty eight: No, you aren't. Sixty nine: Yes, you are. Seven
  • 小学英语300句lesson8 Seventy one: Look at the photo! Seventy two: It's photo of my class. Seventy three: Who's this man? Seventy four: Is this a photo of your family? Seventy five: She is a teacher. Seventy six: What's she? Seventy seven: No! she isn't. Seventy eight: Is
  • 小学英语300句lesson9 Eighty one: Let's play hide and see. Eighty two: Count after ten. Eighty three: I'm ready. Eighty four: Start! Eighty five: Let's jump together. Eighty six: Stop! Eighty seven: What's in it? Eighty eight: Let's open it, and see. Eighty nine: Here are
  • 小学英语300句lesson10 Ninety one: How much is two plus three? Ninety two: It's five. Ninety three: How much is nine minus three? Ninety four: Sorry! Ninety five: What are these? Ninety six: They are apples. Ninety seven: How much are these apples? Ninety eight: Ten Yuan.
  • 小学英语300句lesson11 One O one: We are in grade one. One O two: Glad to meet you. One O three: Is David kind to you? One O four: I like her. One O five: It's a dictionary. One O six: Happy birthday to you! One O seven: Here is a gift for you. One O eight: Guess! One O ni
  • 小学英语300句lesson12 111 How old are you? 112 I'm eleven years old. 113 It's his birthday today. 114 Let's go to say happy birthday to him. 115 He is one year older than you. 116 We are in the same grade. 117 She is twenty. 118 She is young. 119 I like a young teacher. 1
  • 小学英语300句lesson13 121 What's the time. 122 I'm late. 123 It's twelve. 124 It's eight in the morning. 125 It's time for class. 126 Let's go home. 127 Let's go to bed. 128 Good night. 129 Class is over. 130 Stand up. a: What's the time? It's eight. I'm late. What's the
  • 小学英语300句lesson14 131 Where is your tie? 132 It's on the chair. 133 Where are your shoes? 134 They are under the bed. 135 Where are you from? 136 I'm form Beijing. 137 Where are the other boys? 138 They are over there. 139 I can see you. 140 You are behind the tree. a
  • 小学英语300句lesson15 141 What day is today? 142 It's Monday. 143 Spell it. 144 Who is on duty today? 145 Clean the blackboard for Mrs Dazzy. 146 Open your hands. 147 Your hands are dirty. 148 Go and wash them! 149 Your are free today. 150 Water the flowers for me! a: Wha
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