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解析作文词汇测验文坛巨擎-哈金(1)文坛巨擎-哈金(2)小荧幕里的畅销书原味主厨奥利佛网路的坏处试译下列各句解析文法(2)讽刺漫画引发群众暴动揭开塔罗牌的神秘面纱世界正等着你网路购物乌龙记翻译历史学家(1)历史学家(2)双语教育 学习双效圣经传说周英雄天翻地覆解析文法

  • 常春藤解析英语【1】The Mighty, Mighty Mascots 吉祥 The Mighty, Mighty Mascots 吉祥物 by Christine Newton Wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit, white face paint, and a long-sleeved red and white shirt, he isn't a new fashion icon. His bright red hair, nose, and mouth make him a natural in his position
  • 常春藤解析英语【2】Small, Smart, and Strong—Ants 小 Small, Smart, and StrongAnts 小蚂蚁的大世界 by Rachel Black Man has long considered the ant to be a hardworking, well-organized creature. This social insect lives in an ordered colony that may contain millions of _(1)_. There are currently 11,
  • 常春藤解析英语【3】X Marks the Spot 脸上的星罗棋 X Marks the Spot 脸上的星罗棋布 by Christine Newton In 1986, a young American model named Cindy Crawford graced the cover of Vogue magazine and turned the beauty industry upside down. The reason for the _(1)_ was the large brown mole above her
  • 常春藤解析英语【4】Audrey Hepburn 奥黛丽.赫本 Audrey HepburnBeauty, Style, and Grace 奥黛丽.赫本美丽、风格与优雅的化身 by Jerri Graham Audrey Hepburn's legendary beauty has been an inspiration for fashion and style for years. There has never been another actress like her and most
  • 常春藤解析英语【5】I Didn't Know That. 我不知道 I Didn't Know That. 我不知道 by Jerri Graham How much do you know? Once you watch National Geographic Channel's I Didn't Know That, you will be surprised at how little knowledge you actually have. This 10-part series is packed with action as it e
  • 常春藤解析英语【6】The Sinful Centaur 神话中的人 The Sinful Centaur 神话中的人马 by Rachel Black It is speculated that in ancient Greece, before horses became common, invaders from the north rode on horseback and attacked villages. To the Greeks, these horsemen looked like monstrous half-men
  • 常春藤解析英语【7】Venice and the Venice Carnival威尼 Venice and the Venice Carnival 威尼斯面具嘉年华 by Christine Newton The historic city of Venice stretches across a shallow saltwater lagoon in northeast Italy. The city was once a major sea power and an important center for politics and trade
  • 常春藤解析英语【8】Love Makes the World Go Round爱让 Love Makes the World Go Round 爱让世界转动 by Christine Newton Love is a splendid thing. It can make us laugh and cry. Love can even move mountains. No wonder countries around the world devote an entire day every year _(1)_ this exhilarating em
  • 常春藤解析英语【9】It's Like Déjà vu. Déjà vu. 神 It's Like Dj vu. Dj vu. 神秘的既视现象 by Christine Newton You are walking through a park you have never visited before when a dog runs past, barking at a cluster of birds. You turn to see its owner smile and wave. Suddenly, you are overcome b
  • 常春藤解析英语【10】When the Solar Winds Blow 眩烂 When the Solar Winds Blow 眩烂夺目北极光 by Ilse Van Wyck We usually associate blowing winds with bad weather, but on a cosmic level, solar winds are the creators of some of the most spectacular sights nature has to offer. Solar winds are stre
  • 常春藤解析英语【11】The Fast and Furious of Formula The Fast and Furious of Formula One Racing 一级方程式赛车 by Jerri Graham In a blaze of color and noise, millions of dollars' worth of cars speed around the course. Fans leap to their feet and cheer as the world-class drivers put their pedals
  • 常春藤解析英语【12】Get Me Out of Here! 幽闭恐惧 Get Me Out of Here! 幽闭恐惧症 by Jerri Graham As the elevator closes, your throat tightens, hands sweat, and mind races from one horrible thought to another. What if the doors won't open? _(1)_ You begin to panic and pull at your clothes in d
  • 常春藤解析英语【13】重返?;殖?3 Seconds from Disaster (Season 3)重返?;殖?3 by Jerri Graham The clock is ticking with each movement bringing death closer. Seconds pass and the scent of disaster grows. Fortunately, this is not your fate. You are watching scenes of disasters
  • 常春藤解析英语【14】不会飞的大鸟:鸵鸟 Move Over, Big Bird! 不会飞的大鸟:鸵鸟 by Rachel A. Black In the past, you saw exotic animals at the zoo. When you went to a farm, you saw common animals that might _(1)_ on your dinner table. Nowadays, the lines have been blurred and what
  • 常春藤解析英语【15】专属您的影音分享网站 The Tube-By You, for You, and Starring You 专属您的影音分享网站 by Julia Koprak As the Internet continues to grow, more and more people are turning away from newspapers and TV. Instead, they rely on the Internet as their main source of in
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