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  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第1期:谷歌CTO谢尔盖布林(1) Google is the World's Largest Seach Engine 谷歌是世界上最大的搜索引擎 What is Google companys mission? 谷歌公司的宗旨是什么? Google's mission is to organize the worlds information, making it universally accessible and useful.
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第2期:谷歌CTO谢尔盖布林(2) How does Google collaborate with its partners? 谷歌怎样与各方合作伙伴进行合作呢? Each of our partner relationships is unique, so its hard to answer this question. 这个问题很难回答,因为谷歌的每一次合作都是独一无
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第3期:谷歌CTO谢尔盖布林(3) Lets talk about Research and Development (RD) and Software Engineering (SE): How many people work in SE activities developing google main tools? 现在我们来谈一谈研发和软件工程:有多少员工从事开发谷歌的主要工具? What
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第4期:谷歌CTO谢尔盖布林(4) Google is a technology company,but applies technology to media. 谷歌是一个致力于将技术应用于传媒的技术公司。 What led to Googles decision to use Linux? When did that start? 是什么让谷歌决定采用Linux的?是何时开始
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第5期:谷歌CTO谢尔盖布林(5) In a technical sense, what does Linux lack? 从技术角度分析,什么是Linux系统所没有的? What does it not provide? 有什么是它所不能提供的? The 64-bit file system,which I know they are working on. 64位文件系统。我知
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第6期:谷歌CTO谢尔盖布林(6) Youve had a variety of new things come up over the past year. 去年你们作了很多新的开发。 What do you like the most? 您最喜欢的是什么? Im really excited about our self-serve AdSense. 自助广告业务的开通真的让我很兴奋
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第7期:比尔盖茨(1) Interest in computers was cultivated in middle school 中学时候就对计算机兴趣浓厚 Were other of your contemporaries equally interested in the business, 你周围的同龄人也同样对商业感兴趣吗? or did you find yourself unusua
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第8期:比尔盖茨(2) Now, I was very young. 那时候我很小。 I was in eighth grade and some of the older students kind of barged in and thought they could figure it out. 才读八年级。一些高年级的学生介入并认为他们可以解决。 And very quickly,
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第9期:比尔盖茨(3) Clearly, your extracurricular activity was probably more important in your later development than what you did in class, 显然,与课上学到的知识相比,你课外的这些活动对日后的发展更有帮助, or at least equal important. 至
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第10期:比尔盖茨(4) Microsoft Is Moving Forward 微软一路向前 Bill, what led to your decision to build your own site, your own corporate campus? 比尔,是什么使你决定建立你自己的网站及你自己的公司呢? Well, I was always thinking that envir
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第11期:比尔盖茨(5) Lets talk a little about going public, 我们来谈一谈上市, and whether that was something that everybody accepted that you needed to do, 你们做的事情是不是所有人都认可的, whether it was a controversial issue, and what di
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第12期:比尔盖茨(6) The thing that really changes the company isnt the sales growth, though, 真正改变公司的不是销售额, it is the number of people. 而是员工人数。 This shows you the total here. 你可以在这表上看到。 We are now well over 15,0
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第13期:乔布斯(7) We Did iTunes Because We All Love Music 我们之所以去做iTunes是因为我们都热爱音乐 Lets start with the birth of the iPhone. 我们先从iPhone的起源谈起吧, How did you get the idea to create it? 您是怎么想到发明它的?
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第14期:乔布斯(8) What drives Apple employees? 是什么在驱使苹果的员工进步? What kind of motivation do they have? 他们的动力是什么? We dont get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. 人这一生没法做太多
  • 创业成功人士访谈录 第15期:乔布斯(9) People think focus means saying yes to the thing youve got to focus on. 人们以为专注 的意思就是对你必须关注的事情点头称是。 But thats not what it means at all. 但这并不是专注的全部内涵。 It means saying no to the
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