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  • 社区家庭英语 1 [00:17.89]1.Nice to meet you. [00:22.43]1.很高兴见到你。 [00:26.96]2.Please make yourself at home. [00:33.40]2.你请随便,别客气。 [00:39.84] Please make yourself at home. [00:43.47] 你请随便,别客气。 [00:47.10] Thanks,I will. [00:50.32] 谢谢,我不会
  • 社区家庭英语 2 [00:04.18]Part 1 Visiting Chinese Family [00:10.37]做客家庭 [00:16.56]1.Here comes my home.Come in please. [00:23.34]1。这就是我家,请进。 [00:30.12]2.This is my father and my mother.This is my friend John. [00:35.55]2。这是我父亲,这是我母亲,这是我
  • 社区家庭英语 3 [00:03.59]中国餐饮 [00:07.18]1.Would you like to stay and have dinner with us? [00:15.57]1.留下来一块吃晚饭吧? [00:23.95]2.Then I can taste the very Chinese home-dishes. [00:32.94]2.那我就可以尝到真正的中国家常菜了。 [00:41.93]3.Do you eat hot food?
  • 社区家庭英语 4 [00:08.20]1.How about going out for a walk? [00:16.24]1.出去散散步如何? [00:24.27]2.Generally we work 40 hours a week and rest during weekends. [00:36.09]2.一般我们一星期工作40个小时,周末休息。 [00:47.91]3.How about the English level of the ordinar
  • 社区家庭英语 5 [00:07.09]在中国有没有什么特殊的日子让全家聚一聚的? [00:14.18]Sure.The family generally reunite during the Spring Festival. [00:17.66]有,在春节全家团聚。 [00:21.13]How do you celebrate the Festival? [00:23.50]那你们怎么庆祝春节呢? [00:25.86]Spring
  • 社区家庭英语 6 [00:03.84]社区一览 [00:07.68]All of the buildings here form the base of what we call community. [00:22.41]所有的这些建筑形成我们所称的社区的基
  • 社区家庭英语 7 [00:04.05]社区休闲 [00:08.10]Every morning lots of people come here and do morning exercises to keep fit. [00:20.73]每天早上都有很多人来晨练强身健体。 [00:33.36]Shadowboxing has a very long history [00:36.09]太极拳有着非常悠久的历史, [00:38.82]and e
  • 社区.家庭英语 8 [00:03.89]社区服务 [00:07.78]How about going to the Olympic supermarket of our community? [00:17.11]去我们社区的奥林匹克超市怎么样? [00:26.44]Oh,so wide range of goods here! [00:37.17]哦,这里的货物真是品种繁多! [00:47.91]We can probably get almost
  • 社区.家庭英语 9 [00:04.55]社区迎奥 [00:09.09]Every year the community committee will organize some kind of sports competition. [00:25.17]每年社区委员会都会组织某种运动比赛。 [00:41.25]With the Olympic Games coming,more and more people take part in sports items. [00:
  • 社区.家庭英语 10 [00:04.65]家庭娱乐 [00:09.30]What do you do at home in the evenings? [00:16.97]你们晚上都干些什么呀? [00:24.63]I like to watch programs about economy, [00:27.52]我喜欢看经济类节目, [00:30.41]while she prefers to watch short plays. [00:45.88]她爱看
  • 社区.家庭英语 11 [00:03.34]你们有没有什么在家里玩的游戏? [00:06.69]Yes.Probably the most popular is Mah-jong,a game played by four people. [00:10.55]有,最风行的可能算麻将了,一种四个人玩的游戏。 [00:14.42]How do you play that? [00:16.65]那怎么玩呀? [00:18.89]Well,
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