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 VOA 全称 Voice of America,译为“美国之音”。它是美国联邦政府下属的对外进行无线电和电视机广播的官方机构。它以46种语言通过无线电、电视以及因特网向世界各地提供广泛的节目,正面宣传美国。

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  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句a a or an [(1) one; (2) any; (3) each] Would you give me a sheet of paper? (1) A triangle has three sides. (2) He comes to see his grandmother once a week. (3) able [having the power to do something] Are you able to speak English? about [(1) almost; (2
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句b baby [a newly born creature] Mary had a baby last night. back [(1) the part behind the front; (2) the other way from forward] The writer's picture is on the back of the book. (1) She stopped walking away and looked back at me. (2) bad [(1) wrong; (2)
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句c cabinet [a group of ministers that helps lead a government] The President meets every week with his cabinet. call [(1) to give a name to ; (2) to ask for or request] I call myself John. (1) They called for an end to the fighting. (2) calm [(1) quiet;
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句d dam [a wall built across a river to hold back flowing water] The dam burst after a week of rain. damage [(1) to cause injury or destruction; (2) harm; (3) hurt or injury, usually to things] The boy damaged his toys by throwing them against the wall.
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句e each [every one by itself] Each of us sang a different song in the show. early [(1) at or near the beginning, especially the beginning of the day; (2) opposite late] They saw her walking early this morning. (1) A few arrived late, but most were early
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句f face [(1) the front of the head: eyes, nose, month; (2) to look toward; (3) to turn toward; (4) to have before you, such as a problem or danger] Put a smile on your face. (1) He faced the flag. (2) She faced left, then right. (3) The nation faced gre
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句g gain [(1) to get possession of; (2) to get more; (3)to increase] For a long time, United States voters did not know which candidate gained the presidency. (1) He gained more support by speaking on television. (2) His savings gained 150 dollars in int
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句h hair [the fine material that grows from the skin, especially from the head] She has long brown hair. half [one of two equal parts of something] She had some soup and half a sandwich for lunch. halt [(1) to cause to come to a stop; (2) to stop] He hal
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句i I [the person speaking] I am glad to meet you. ice [frozen water] Would you like more ice in your drink? idea [(1) a thought or picture in the mind; (2) a belief] He liked your ideas for the party. (1) His ideas about religion are very strange. (2) i
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句j jail [a prison for those waiting to be tried for a crime or for those serving sentences for crimes that are not serious] He was sentenced to ten days in jail. jewel [a valuable stone, such as a diamond or emerald] She keeps her valuable jewels at the
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句k keep [(1) to possess; (2) to have for oneself] They kept the old house for a long time. (1) He keeps most of the money that he earns. (2) kick [to hit with the foot] How far can you kick the ball? kidnap [to seize and take away by force] The man kidn
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句l labor [(1) work; (2) workers as a group] Building a house is hard labor. (1) Organized labor is a major force in American politics. (2) laboratory [a room or place where experiments in science are done] The medical students spent much of their time i
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句m machine [a device with moving parts used to do work] Our copy machine always seems to stop working when I have a lot of documents to copy. magazine [a publication of news, stories, pictures or other information] He likes to read computer magazines. m
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句n name [(1) to appoint; (2) to nominate; (3) to give a name to; (4) a word by which a person, animal or thing is known or called] The Governor named him to be a justice on the state Supreme Court. (1) She said the President will name her to be an ambas
  • VOA慢速英语1500基础单词例句o obey [to act as one is ordered to act] She said she became a judge because she believed that people must obey the laws. object [(1) to show that one does not like or approve; (2) to protest;(3) something not alive that can be seen or touched] The law
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