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   首创情景“对话-关键句”口语学习方式,Hogan带你进入原汁原味纯粹美式口语世界,100个经典场景1000句纯正美语标准发音解构,“洋话连篇”明星外教帮你反复练习句子发音,No!Jimmy!帮你突破中国人常犯的100个Chinglish错误! 内容提要 4年的潜心编撰,近100位中外演职人员精心打造,100位中外专家联袂设计,让英语学习成为轻松快乐的过程。




  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 1 He' going up the letter pretty quickly. She's moving up the ranks one step at a time. We are transfering you to our headoffice. We are promoting you to a senior position effective immediately. We are happy you got the promotion. This courier move is
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 2 1. Hi, dont try to red me off, I know what this is worth 2. Can you give me a little deal on this? 3. Can you give me this for cheaper? 4. Is there a discount on both purchases? 5. Give me a discount 6. How much do you want for this? 7. If you dont g
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 3 1. Where do I board my plane? 2. How long is this light? 3. Here is my ticket and seat assignment4. May I have headphones for internet movie? 5. What time is the plane land? 6. Stuarts, I feel sick where is the bathroom? 7. May I have a pillow and bl
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 4 1. Smoking is bad for your health. 2. Smoking will kill you. 3. Smoking will give you cancer. 4. Smoking makes your teeth yellow and augly. 5. Smoker pollutes the air. 6. Smoking sucks. 7. You should quit smoking now. 8. If you quit smoking now, you
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 5 what do you do for a living. what's your occupation? what's your postion? what's your title? what line of your work are you in? what kind of the business do you run? what's your job? I'm unemploymentnow,but I am looking for a job.
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 6 1. Do I know you? 2. Havent we met someplace before? 3. Havent I seen you before? 4. You look very familiar, have we been introduce before? 5. I feel that we met each other before. 6. I have the stranger feeling we met before. 7. Forgive me if I am w
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 7 1.This must be a pround day for you. 2.Where's my campain gun? 3. Will your family be attending the graduation ceromony? 4.What you gonna do now? 5. Let's plan after the graduation trip? 6.Do you have a job lined up after graduation? 7.Are you going
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 8 1. Can I get your telephone number? 2. Can I call you sometime? 3. How can I get in touch with you? 4. How can I reach you? 5. What number are you at? 6. Whats your telephone number, whats your digits? 7. Can I ring you up? 8. Do you have a cell phon
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 9 I would like a single/double room. How much is the room per night? Is room service available? Do you have a room with a view? I would like a room on the 5th floor. I would prefer a non-smoking room. Please give me a wake-up call at 7:30a.m. tomorrow?
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 10 I am so hungry, I could eat a horse. I am starving to death. I am famished. Even when I have a cold but I still have a good appetite. My stomach rouses me when I am hungry. I am not full yet. That was a big dinner, I am darked.
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 11 I would like to buy some stamps please. 麻烦请给我张邮票I want to send this letter to China by air mail. 我想把这封信寄到中国去I would like to mail this package. 还有这个包裹How many stamps do I neeD? 需要多少钱的邮票?
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 12 Hello. How are you doing today? Hi, what's going on? Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you. Hi, what's up, Body? Hello. I am honored to make you a quittance. Hi, how's it going? Hello. Thank you very much for coming to my home/ office/ party? Hello. I a
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 13 Freeze! Donot move! Get down on the floor! Stay right where you are! You are under arrest. Put your hands up. Put your hands in the ear. Drop the gun then I'll shoot. Spreadom. Get in the car! Pull the car over to the side of the road. Let me see you
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 14 Sorry,there is not text temporarily, Please help tingroom to look for it! 如果您能找到更好的听力原文,请发贴到 听力原文收集区 ,您将会获得 10 到 30 积分的奖励 ! Thank you !
  • 新洋话1000句 lesson 15 1 Do you think we could go out together sometime? 2 Maybe we should hang up sometime. 3 I will be happy if you go out with me. 4 I'd like to treat you to a dinner in a movie. 5 Would you like to go on a date with me? 6 Let's go out. 7 Will you have d
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