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  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第1期:人体 Human Body 人体 A person has a head, neck, chest, two arms and two legs. 人体由头部、颈部、胸部,两条胳膊和两条腿构成。 Also, a human body consists of fat, muscle and bones. 同时,人体还包括脂肪,肌肉和骨骼。 Do yo
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第2期:北极 North Pole 北极 The North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. 北极位于北冰洋中部。 In winter, the temperature goes to -49F. 在冬天,北极温度降到零下49华氏度。 Even in summer, the temperature is around 32F. 即
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第3期:松树 Pine Tree 松树 If people look around, they can easily find pine trees. 如果人们四处看看,他们可以轻易地发现松树。 There are about 115 different kinds of pine trees all over the world. 世界上大约有115种不同的松树。
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第4期:鸟巢 Bird Nest 鸟巢 A bird nest is built with a lot of small twigs, grass and leaves. 鸟巢是用许多小树枝,草叶和树叶筑成的。 Some birds that live close to the ocean build their nests with fish bones. 一些住得靠海的鸟类用鱼骨
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第5期:蜜蜂 Bee 蜜蜂 Many people do not like bees. 许多人不喜欢蜜蜂。 Bees protect themselves and their hives by stinging humans. 蜜蜂会蜇人来自卫和?;し涑?。 However, bees do a lot of jobs in nature. 然而,事实上蜜蜂能做许多事
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第6期:体温 Body Temperature 体温 Our body temperature is usually 36.5 degrees. 我们的体温通常是36.5摄氏度。 When we are sick, our body temperature goes up. 当我们生病时,体温会升高。 Sometimes, a high fever is very dangerous. 有时,高
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第7期:淡水 Fresh Water 淡水 Fresh water comes from ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. 淡水来自于池塘、湖泊、河流和溪流。 People use fresh water for drinking, farming and so on. 淡水可用于饮用、耕种等等。 People can only drink fres
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第8期:磁铁 Magnet 磁铁 Magnets are very interesting objects. 磁铁是非常有趣的物体。 Each has a positive pole and a negative pole. 每个磁铁都有正负极。 One for each end. 磁铁两端各为一极。 Similar poles push each other away. 磁铁同
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第9期:大象 Elephant 大象 An elephant is one of the biggest animals in the world. 大象是世界上最大的动物之一。 Therefore, it eats a lot. 因此,它的食量很大。 An elephant eats 150-200 kg a day. 一头大象一天食用150至200千克的食
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第10期:皮肤 Skin 皮肤 Skin fills a lot of important roles in our body. 皮肤在我们的身体中扮演着许多重要的角色。 If we didn'have skin, viruses and bacteria could easily get into our bodies. 如果我们没有皮肤,细菌和病毒能轻易地
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第11期:土地 Soil 土地 Soil is necessary for people's life. 土地是人类生活的必需品。 Plants can grow from soil. 植物依靠土地生长。 Soil gives plants a lot of nutrition. 土地为植物提供大量的营养物质。 Plants can make flowers a
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第12期:大猩猩 Gorilla 大猩猩 About 99% of a guerrilla's DNA is the same as the humans. 大猩猩约99%的DNA与人类相同。 Therefore, they are one of the smartest animals. 因此,它们是最聪明的动物之一。 Gorillas live in the forest in Africa. 大
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第13期:家庭的特殊日子 Family's Special Day 家庭的特殊日子 Each family has its own special days like birthdays and anniversaries. 每个家庭都有自己特殊的日子,如生日和周年纪念日。 When is your birthday? 你什么时候生日? What about your
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第14期:住宅 Home 住宅 A home is a place for people to live in. 住宅是人们居住的地方。 People take a rest at home. 人们在住宅中休息。 And they cook at home. 也在住宅中做饭。 Also they store many things at home. 他们还在住宅中储
  • 与美国小学生一起学英文第3册 第15期:政府 Government 政府 A government does a lot of things for the people in a country. 政府为一个国家的人民做很多事情。 The government maintains military and police to protect people. 政府供养军队和警察来?;と嗣?。 The govern
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