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   《侏罗纪搏击俱乐部Jurassic Fight Club》能够有效提高英语听力水平,矫正英语发音,是学习提高英语成绩的好帮手?!顿藜透穸肪憷植俊吠ü八醇木说缒訡G特效展现了恐龙战场的史前史??脊抛钚碌闹ぞ莞斫饪至绾握岚匀ù戳送黄品⑾?。本片将带给我们一部恐龙的历史,一部恐龙们为生存而战斗的历史,还详细描绘了那些在这场竞赛中担当猎手的角色。

  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第1期:为生存而战 By using cutting edge technology and every available piece of fossil evidence, 60-million-year-old mysteries have forensically decoded. 通过最新的科技和每一块相关的化石证据,六千万年的谜团水落石出。 From their ability t
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第2期:东方霸王龙 In 1996, 25 miles from the city of Mahajanga in northwest Madagascar, paleontologist were working on a routine excavation. 1996年,在离马达加斯加西北的马哈姜嘎市不到四十公里处古生物学家们在做例行挖掘。 But as they
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第3期:玛君龙 This discovery had given paleontologists an opportunity to look inside the skull of this rare dinosaur. 这个发现给了古生物学家们仔细观察这种稀有恐龙颅内情况的机会。 Dr. Lawrence Witmer of Ohio University leads one of the
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第4期:顶级掠食者 Majungasaurus thrived more than 70 million years ago. 玛君龙在七千多万年前很繁盛。 Fossil evidence proves that the island of Madagascar teemed with a variety of plants and animals. 化石证据证明了马达加斯加岛满是种类繁多
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第5期:玛君龙的弱点 Majungasaurus's arm is incredibly short. 玛君龙的前肢不可思议地短小。 It's got an upper arm bone, but its forearm has shrunken, so it's basically a wrist. 它有上臂骨不过前臂萎缩,基本就是一个腕子。 From the elbow to
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第6期:同类相食 Somehow, a predator at the top of the food chain was attacked and killed. 因为某种原因,一头位于食物链顶端的掠食者遭到攻击并被杀死了。 The attacker was unknown. 攻击者不知是谁。 Fossil evidence has given scientis
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第7期:搏斗的证据 When the paleontologists studied the tooth marks, they used high powered microscope to look deeper into the evidence. 当古生物学家们研究这些齿痕时,他们使用高倍显微镜来更深入地了解这些证据。 What they found were te
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第8期:性别二态性 In addition to the CAT scans and the fossil remains, paleontologists looked to modern animal behavior for clues. 除了CT扫描和化石残骸以外,古生物学家们还在现代动物行为中寻找线索。 The one thing that doesn't change in t
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第9期:玛君龙与鸟类的关系 One maybe heavier than the other, for example, the other maybe more lightly built or gracile,比如说一种比另外一种重,而另一种体态更小或更纤细,or maybe that they have a difference in crest on top of the head,或者可能在头上
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第10期:山洪暴发 Paleontologists believe that this actually help her hone her fighting skills. 古生物学家们相信这能帮助雌性磨练搏斗技能。 A full grown Majungasaurus is pretty much able to take care of itself,完全成年的玛君龙基本能?;ぷ?
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第11期:攻击前的动作 Looking at the geology of the dig site, Paleontologists could see that the bones had been washed into their final resting place. 根据挖掘现场的地质情况,古生物学家们能看出来这些骨头是被冲到它们最后的埋葬地的。
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第12期:丛林中的性别大战 To demonstrate his intentions, the male would have begun to perform a courtship dance. 为了说明自己的意图雄性会开始表演一种求偶舞蹈。 CAT scan evidence shows that the brain of Majungasaurus was incredibly small and therefore pr
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第13期:恐龙的头号武器 Although these were not considered giant predators, they were still packed with muscle. 虽然不是巨型掠食者,它们也相当壮实。 These would've had some bearing on their speed and agility. 这对它们的速度和灵活性会有影响。
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第14期:近亲繁殖的副作用 When it comes to attacking an adversary, the sexes were probably different. 在向对手的攻击上两性之间可能不同。 The male refined his hunting skills to capture prey or suitable mate. 雄性通过捕食猎物和追求配偶来完善自己
  • 侏罗纪搏击俱乐部 第15期:雌性恐龙拒绝雄性恐龙示好 Relying on evidence collected from the dig site and knowledge of modern animal behavior,根据化石场收集的证据加上对现代动物行为的了解,experts recreates a plausible scenario where a female competes with a male in a battle to the
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